Six years ago, Janus 4-14 played its first show - which was meant to be its only show. After close to two decades of writing songs, which no one would ever hear, lead singer and songwriter Chad Barnard wanted to get together a band to play a show in his hometown for friends and family, just to say that he did it. After finding multi-instrumentalist Shane Mauck, and overcoming crippling performance anxiety, Janus 4-14 was born.

Janus 4-14 is named after a service robot that appears for a few seconds in Woody Allen's 1973 movie, Sleeper.

Now - with drummer Brett Beardsley and recently departed bassist Brad Nichols - Janus 4-14 are releasing their second full-length album "Again & Again & Again". Once again, they recorded with Mitch Easter at his Fidelitorium Studio in Kernersville, NC.

With this album, Janus 4-14 has come closer to getting the energy, excitement, and sweat of their live shows onto tape than ever before.

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Relish (Winston-Salem Jounral)

Posted by Eddie Huffman

The guys in Janus 4-14 freely acknowledge the limitations of being a punk-rock band full of dads from Mount Airy who all have day jobs.

“We’re 35 to 45 minutes from any scene,” said Chad Barnard, the group’s lead singer and rhythm guitar player. “We can’t come to your show at 11 o’clock on a Wednesday night and support you because we’ve got to wake up at 6 in the morning and start making breakfast for our kids and get them to school.”

Despite those limitations, Janus 4-14 has earned rave reviews and radio airplay across the country for its catchy, high-energy music.

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Pilot Mountain News

Posted by Diane Blakemore

Local musicians from the band Janus 4-14 played a live performance featuring original songs from their new album in Pilot Mountain last Friday. The band was invited to play by Niki Farrington, manager of The Living Room Coffee House and Winebar, for her own 40th birthday celebration.

Natives of Mount Airy, band members Chad Barnard and Shane Mauck formed the group six years ago. While the pair grew up in Mount Airy, the self-described family men were only introduced when their children got together for play-dates. Their shared interest in music created an instant bond.

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Obscure Sound

Posted by Mike Mineo

When they formed about six years ago, North Carolina-based band Janus 4-14 decided to name themselves after the robot in the Woody Allen film Sleeper. It was a fun name choice for a band that only intended to play one show, at the time. That one show transformed into a focused project with several full albums, with their second – Again & Again & Again – dropping this February 12th. They recorded it with rock great Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Let’s Active) at his Fidelitorium Studio in Kernersville, NC. He and the group have put something great together, evidenced by the track “Rest of Our Lives”; it shows what Janus 4-14 excel at – an excitable series of jangly guitars, anthemic vocals, and a ceaseless energy and capacity for hooks – much in the ilk of The Hold Steady or Lemonheads. As the wordless chorus around 02:40 starts to cap things off, most listeners will find it difficult to deny the group’s fun energy.

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